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Prayer for the Victims of the Las Vegas massacre.

Today, when I arrived home I was welcomed by my beautiful family. We hugged each other, smiled, and I was able to tell them that I loved them. As evening progressed, I put on the news and saw a father and daughter (Bob and Amber Patterson) grieving over the death of their wife and mother who was killed in the Las Vegas massacre. The interview was very sad. They made the comment that they would never be able to share life with their beloved wife and mother and that her death would impact thousands of people. It is hard to imagine how many thousands of people will be impacted by this tragedy, and of course, they will never be the same again. We will all be touched by this massacre in some way for a long time. It is difficult to understand why there is so much pain in the world.

Lord, please heal us and help us to forgive. Help us to be brave and to continue to live lives that are free of fear and anxiety.

"Cristo, Sáname/Jesus, Heal Me"

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